Hemasorb Bone Putty

An Innovative Approach to Stop Active Bone Bleeding

Throughout the history of surgery, there has been a need for a solution to safely stop active bone bleeding. At last, an innovative, synthetic, resorbable hemostatic bone putty, HEMASORB, moves bone bleeding management into a new era. HEMASORB is today’s solution for bone hemostasis.

Easy to Use

  • Stops bone bleeding upon application 1,2
  • Remains in place
  • Offers controlled, precise application
  • Conforms to the site of care
  • Does not require warming or kneading
  • Ready to use out of package


  • Substantially resorbs within 30 days 1,3
  • Implantation sites assessed at 6 and 8 weeks 3
  • Does not swell

Synthetic (Tissue-Free)

  • Is free from tissue-derived components
  • Meets the ISO10993 standards for biocompatibility

HEMASORB provides an advanced, practical solution to actively and reliably stop bone bleeding. HEMASORB is easy to use, synthetic (tissue-free), and substantially resorbs within 30 days. 1,2

1 When used according to the Instructions For Use.
2 Based on animal and human data on file, ORTHOCON, Inc.*
3 Based on animal data on file, ORTHOCON, Inc.*
* Results from animal studies may not be indicative of clinical results.

Syntinate Technology

Products being developed by ORTHOCON® are based on the company’s proprietary Syntinate Technology Platform. The Syntinate Technology Platform incorporates biocompatible and resorbable materials to create synthetic matrices that, when applied to bone, mechanically block bleeding. The HEMASORB® Resorbable Hemostatic Bone Putty is the first commercial product that employs Syntinate Technology.

Highlights of the Syntinate Technology Platform

Resorbable Syntinate products are resorbable via diffusion into surrounding body fluids and normal phagocytosis.
Tunable Solubility Water insoluble components may be incorporated into the Syntinate Technology, allowing tunability of resorption and/or water resistance.
Anhydrous A unique characteristic of the Syntinate system is that water is not necessary for most formulations. Without the presence of water, shelf life stability of a wide variety of products may be maintained for extended periods of time.
Non-Toxic and Broadly Biocompatible Syntinate components are selected from materials that have established safety profiles and whose use in common medical implants is known.
Radiation Sterilizable Most Syntinate compositions can be radiation-sterilized. Additives, depending on their nature, either may be combined with the Syntinate carrier and terminally sterilized in a commercial package, or may be pre-sterilized and then aseptically combined with an appropriate, radiation-sterilized Syntinate carrier.
Stable Syntinate products require no special storage conditions or handling and can be used “off-the-shelf.”